Volkswagen tweets about German win with interesting choice of words

It's been a tough tournament, where goalies have saved more than ever before, and Messi took Argentina to meet Germany in the end.
Brands have been doing their very best keeping up with the games, and already minutes after the German win, we have a questionable tweet made by Volkswagen. It's not KLM Tweet questionable, just... poorly phrased.

Now, "German Engineering"... about a team, is just a little close to... Is it just me?..

Nope. Not just me.

In other news, I should know better, I tweeted a joke punning on the Evita song and immediately an Argentinian follower of @adland asked us to go and die before unfollowing. Stay away from the sports events, social media managers. They're serioussssss. The fans of the beautiful game can get ugly when they lose. People might care what their friend thinks, but you as a brand are not their friend.