Vote for Jordan Rich, and end democracy.

Tis the season when creatives jump on the election bandwagon to make whatever point they want to make about the election which usually doesn't go beyond "be sure to vote."

Give Jordan Rich credit for at least muddling the simplicity of "be sure to vote," by coming up with a scheme favoring technology and social media over substance.

Jordan believes Florida is the most important state in the 2012 election. Because it was the most important state in the 2000 election. How these are related is beyond me, but whatevs.

Apparently, too, Jordan doesn't actually care about the outcome of the election because he is allowing his vote to be influenced, via a hashtag.

Yes. A hashtag will decide who he should vote for.

What this has to do with Florida is beyond me. What this has to do with the fact that there are in fact nine swing states this year is beyond me. What this has to do beyond a clever hashtag to get some Floridian creatives' name out there is also beyond me.

Even more important, when someone is willing to literally put their decision to vote in the hands of others, it's kind of making a mockery of such things as The Voting Right Act and the current multi state debate about whether people should be required to have a valid I.D. to vote in the first place.

Point is, if you're gonna jump on the election bandwagon, why not do something timely and compelling?

But hey, it's your vote. Throw it away if you want. Hashtags are way cool.
Here's one: #executionoveridea