Voting ads and their ilk heating up

All sorts of ads related to the upcoming US election are hitting the airwaves and the net. has engaged documentary film maker Errol Morris to convince you to switch ,better known to some adgrunts as the man behind the patented Interrotron device and the apple Switch ads, he shot over 60 different people who voted for Bush in the last election, but will vote for Kerry in this one.
David la Chapelle encourages young voters to declare yourself with the help of a few stars, and a series of ads that spoof makeup ads and dog food commercials but with a sicker twist at the end. Even Burger King are telling Americans to "have it your way" by enlisting Snoop Dogg to tell it like it is.

Meanwhile the sexy soft spoken sultresses over at win hands down for the best use of "You forgot Poland". (Thanks for that one Leslie)

Declare Yourself - Vanity

Declare Yourself - Dog Food

Declare Yourself - Phat Ride