Vulfpeck releases silent album, mocks Spotify's pathetic royalties.


Brilliant. Funky R&B band Vulfpeck knows Spotify plays don't pay the bills. So the L.A.-based band is waving a middle finger to them, and promoting themselves and their upcoming tour in the process.

Dubbed Sleepify, the concept is simple and hilarious. Vulfpek has put a completely silent album called Sleepify on Spotify. But if you play it on repeat all night they might just generate enough in revenues to do free gigs on the tour.

As the video says: "When you listen to a Vulfpek song on Spotify, Spotify pays us a half a cent. So if you were to listen to Sleepify all night on repeat (800 listens) you'd generate 4 dollars."

Ooh that's limo money right there.

But I like the logic. If everyone just listens to Sleepify on repeat every night, then Vulfpek will be able to tour without having to charge admission.
So to recap: Vulfpek has highlighted Spotify's pathetic royalty rates while denying them any real new music, while also getting mad promotion, and hopefully earning enough to give the people what they want for free. All for the cost of what it took to make their promo film.

Dudes, when the L.A. gig happens, Adland will be there. First round's on us.

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  • Dabitch's picture

    FOUR DOLLARS for 800 plays? Wow, that's ridic. Also it's so hilarious I might dust off my unused Spotify account just to listen to it on repeat.

    Mar 22, 2014

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