VW "PinkBeetle" (2016) :50 (USA)

Here's an interesting story. Apparently there was a phenomenon on the part of VW Beetle owners where they were painting their Beetles pink. Not necessarily for the same reason mind you, but regardless of the reason, all of these owners wanted a pink Beetle. The owners started this movement #PinkBeetle, demanding VW make one. And so they got their wish. The 2017 Beetle will indeed come in pink as a limited edition vehicle. And this is a celebration all about it. I'm probably conditioned at this point but whenever I see anything pink I think Breast Cancer awareness. Seems like a missed opportunity not to have paired with that cause. I mean it's nice and all that VW is responding to the whims of their kooky fans, but seems to me they could have also made a difference here, too. Especially as we head into Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Client: VW North America
Agency: ISL
Director: Zach Goodwin

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