Waiter! There’s an ad in my soup!


I’m a fan of guerilla marketing, but a company called Gourmet Impression has taken it too far. The company created a food “Stamper” and “Roller” that can emboss food with text and graphics (i.e. advertising).

What’s next? Ads in the bathroom? Oh yeah, we have them already…

Click here to check out Gourmet Impression’s website.

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    Just thought this was amusing, since it shows what adland loked like back then... Gourmet impressions took a screendump of adland for their press-clipping collection posted it here. Nice green. ;)

    Sep 08, 2004
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    Seems they have resorted to spamming these days. Robblink, you're like two years ahead of everybody you trendsetter you with the finger on the..eh.. food. Sept 2004 - Snarkhunter got spammed...:

    Intestinal advertising: We received a horrifying piece of spam from some jackass named Rich Errera, CEO of Gourmet Impression LLC. Who knew that the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse would be braying upon arrival? He's touting a product that embosses advertising on food, executing a literal interpretation of "consumer". Take a look at these tasty morsels:

    - click the link to read more. Course, snarkhunter links the gourmet impression site, proving that spam works! wehey!: ;P

    Sep 28, 2004
  • Dabitch's picture

    "I'd like to order a Gucci-pizza, please"

    Oct 28, 2007

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