Want to leave US if Trump wins? Swedish agency Round&Round wants to see your portfolio


The Great Trump Escape is Round & Round's, a Stockholm based advertising agency, unusual recruitment ad.

In the offices of Round and Round the US Election has been a daily topic among the people who work there, so they launched "The Great Trump Escape. (You are looking for a new country. We are looking for new talent.)"

I asked Henrik Hallberg how this would work with work permits, and English speaking writers in particular, he responded:

We as an employer will meet the requirements for a work permit at a recruitment. And because many of our clients missions are international, we need an English copywriter.

The Swedish work permit requirements are super simple, where the main hurdle is that you must be offered a job in Sweden. The job must also be advertised to people in the EU, and public websites like Linkedin won't do so Round and Round better also advertise this in Arbetsförmedlingens own system. So sharpen your portfolios, all ye who wish to try your luck in the country that Bernie kept talking about in his speeches.

The idea is that if you are a creative in our industry, who doesn’t feel comfortable staying in the US during the years Donald Trump is President, you have the chance to come and work with us until you feel like moving back to America again. You simply submit your portfolio at the campaign website, thegreattrumpescape.com, and the agency will receive it in the event of Trump winning.

Round&Round is a newly started creative agency in Stockholm, founded by the creative leaders behind Akestam.holst, a name Adland readers will be very familiar with as we've shared their work for years. Andreas Ullenius and long time companions Hanna Björk, Petra Albrektsson and Fredrik Josefsson, all partners and creative directors at Akestam founded the new agency together with Henrik Hallberg from Jung Relations. Round & Round is an advertising agency that thinks like a PR agency and works like a content agency, it's less than a year old but already on the creative map.

Reminder that Stockholm is ridiculously beautiful, and the winters are not as cold as you think. This is a photo of Centralbadet which is just a couple of blocks down from the Round and Round offices. In the winter mornings you can start your day in there with a decent cup of coffee and free UV light therapy in the greenhouse café, if the dark days are getting to you.

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