Want to smell like a celebrity?

Since it's not so achieve a life of fame and fortune, at least now you can smell like the celebrities you love.

Traditionally we've seen celebs just hawking scent like the recent Chanel No. 5 spot with Nicole Kidman. And there's always more of a push for fragrance around this time of year.

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But now, you can smell like your favorite pop diva:

Celin Dion:

Skanky JLo:

Diva JLo:


Or if you're more of a Jessica Simpson girl you could wear this:

Even actresses are getting in on the fun, like Liv Tyler:

Prefer smelling like your plastic idols? Then perhaps Barbie is for you:

And men, don't feel left out, you can smell like the fabulous Antonio Banderas! ;)

There are loads others too, including Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Donald Trump, Alan Cummings, Kim Cattrall, and soon Maria Sharapova. There must be money to be made for all these folks to jump on the scent bandwagon.

Mike Pearson at RockyMountainNews.com was perplexed at Trump entering the scent market.

What's new is the amount of money to be made from these vanity vapors. Celine Dion's scents have sold roughly $10 million this year, while J.Lo's Glow and Still are past the $200 million mark. This may seem like small change given the American fragrance industry's $3 billion in annual revenues, until you note a 3 percent decline in perfume sales in recent years. The right celebrity can cause beauty products to fly off shelves.

So why bother just shilling the scent when you can make a profit off it too.

I wonder when we'll see Donny come out with a fragrance. *wink*