Want to work in Ghana? Now Available Africa is seeking talent in Cannes.


Want to spend some time down in Africa? Where it rains? Sorry, had a Toto song in my head. Now Available.it have opened a 'Afropean' shop in west Africa, in Ghana's capitol Accra: Now Available Africa. If you're keen, you have a chance to interview with the Italian board in Cannes. Details below.

Controlled through a 51% shareholding by the Italian board of Now Available, formed by CEO Emanuele Nenna and Partners Alessia Oggiano and Stefano Pagani, Now Available Africa embodies the first Afropean advertising agency operating in Ghana and Central Africa. As a result of a merger with local independent Creative Eye on February 20th, the agency, run by Zimbabwean CEO Freddie Shava, has been growing ever since and has recently signed contracts for important accounts. In order to locally support and maintain development, Now Available Africa is now looking for creatives, account managers, digital & social media strategists, web designers and developers who are eager to jump on the bandwagon of an amazingly booming country and to be part of a great multicultural team.
Interviews with the board will be held at Cannes (France) on June 21st and later on June 28th at Now Available headquarters in Milan. For further information please submit your details to africall@nowavailable.it
A plethora of studies and analyses are proving how Africa shows signs of clamorous, broad-based economic rise, thanks to the impressive surge of a healthy and productive youth and the continent’s increasing reliance on many of its own resources to boost its economy. Through its acclaimed trailblazing approach that already sets it apart as a revolutionary player in the Italian advertising arena, Now Available envisioned a way to bring excellence to such a wonderful country hat in hand. “ Nurturing values such as integration and localization is key to successfully approach a new market and contribute to its growth ” says Emanuele Nenna. “ As opposed to the vast majority of foreign advertising companies that typically establish mere affiliations with local agencies, we opted for localizing a team of European professionals in Accra, so as to integrate creative and strategic expertise with the local understanding of the language, culture and societal approach to the new generation of consumers ”.
As Freddie Shava points out: “ Our African team originally part of the former Creative Eye agency is already quite multinational as we have got talents coming from Ghana, Nigeria and other African countries. The exchange of experience with the European team is amazing and has allowed us to achieve important goals in terms of clients acquisitions, that is for instance, the case of brands the calibre of NESTLE’ NIDO, NESCAFE’ CENTRAL-WEST AFRICA and LANCASTER UNIVERSITY GHANA that add to existing accounts like AFRICA COLA, CAL BANK and PZ CUSSONS. It is a successfull blend that we like to call ‘advertising contamination’: roots in tradition and an eye on innovation - that’s exactly what today’s African consumer is looking for.

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