"Ways to get into advertising" site with absurd advice

Jason Scott has made a random junk suggestion generator called Ways to get into advertising, where the advice is every hilarious stereotype you've ever heard about the hot shops and over-hyped ideas.
"FEDEX AKQA a giant QR code that links to your book" Good lord, no. Or: "Add Goodby on Facebook.... then say you learnt to fucking code at fucking Hyper Island, yeah? and shazam! tell Leo Burnett to fuck their fucking placement" HAHAHAHA - my sides. Stop it.

Then there's "Drag your own desk to Anomaly" and it reminded me of when an earlier generation actually would set up a desk outside of an agency to get attention instead of making a javascripted site with cuss words. Did I ever tell you about when I super-glued my entire hallway desk, chair and stuff to the ceiling at Saatchi to protest the fact that I still didn't have an office? It's kind of a miracle we ever get any work done in this business.

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