Wendy's logo gets an update, pigtails stick out of new frame.

It's not quite as drastic as the stiletto clad sexy Wendy's spotted in Russia last year, but still a rather massive update. The Wendy's logo has a new look, the first makeover done since 1983. The original Wendy was based on Dave Thomas' daughter, she was dressed up at the tender age of eight to model for the look, and to get the Pippi Longstocking pigtails, they put pipe-cleansers in her hair.

What do you think of the new cleaner look?

AP news

In undertaking the redesign, the company realized there were three key elements that had to be preserved; the image of the little girl, the color red and the way the "Wendy's" font swerves up — what executives call "the wave."
In the new logo, Bahner notes that Wendy's pigtails peek out from the oval frame, bringing her forward and making her more dynamic. The logo will be part of the new restaurant design that Wendy's is looking to expand to its roughly 6,000 locations in North America.
Brolick has noted that the revamps "enhance all dimensions of the Wendy's experience" and that renovated locations see a 25 percent bump in sales. By 2015, Wendy's plans to have half its 1,425 company-owned locations updated.
Ultimately, Brolick wants the company to be seen as a "top-end" fast-food chain — better quality than McDonald's, but perhaps not at the same level as Panera.
"Our goal is to be a five-star restaurant at a three-star price," he said.