Wendy's Russia sex up Wendy with stilettos and striped knee-highs

When the U.S. hamburger chain's first standalone Russian restaurant launched, sexy stiletto-clad Wendy's appeared. A far cry away from the real wendy, who is a wholesome freckle-faced kid. More specifically, Wendy was modelled after Dave Thomas' daughter. The U.S. executive of the Wendy's franchise, Andrew Skehan, was not impressed. He says to the Moscow times:

Skehan, the chain's chief operating officer, said by phone that he had not been aware of franchisee Wenrus Restaurant Group's decision to sex up the chain's icon. He said he would probably have to deal with a flood of phone calls from Wendy's/Arby's headquarters in Atlanta once his associates saw the photos.

This might be Russia's comeback for that old Sedelmaier commercial showing a Russian fashion show.

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    WENDY-LOVER (not verified)

    Did they not know why Wendy was or are they just pedophiles?

    Oct 12, 2012

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