What do you get when you build IKEA while on drugs? HIKEA


Welcome to HIKEA. Simple premise: Hipsters take drugs and build IKEA furniture. So far there's only two episodes, one in which a guy takes shrooms and another where two people take LSD. And build stuff. For more information go to Get Hikea before the cease and desist comes crashing down.

If you can't be arsed to watch, it's pretty much like Action Bronson And Friends Watch Ancient Aliens except in the Vice show they are *only* smoking weed and also they are way more entertaining. The premise is already familiar, but either way it dies by the casting. Like building furniture while sober, HIKEA is a little too boring for its own good.

Not that it matters as I'm sure it won't be only for long. The creators have already placed a disclaimer/please don't sue us message on their website in advance, most likely because they are anticipating/dying for the publicity. From their website:

We are in no way, shape or form in contract with Ikea. In fact, they will probably sue us, but we hope instead they have a little chuckle over it. It's all fun and games.
All participants agree to be filmed on camera under the influence prior to filming.

I'm sure by the time they get to the Coked Out Zinnia Attempts To Build Everything In The Tillfälle Collection In One Night or Tina and Roman Assembled A Billy Bookcase on K2, Ikea will be rushing over to pay them. Just kidding. Call me crazy but I'm fairly certain that a company who sells products to families and kids, not just people who find Vice content funny, won't want to be associated with drugs.

One of the people responsible for this concept is Hunter Fine, the same person who brought us Hipster Traps among other "social experiments."

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