Who's the better Butter Mayor?


Seattle's having a mayor race coming up, between challenger Senator Ed Murray, and incumbent Mike McGinn.
Apparently no one is taking it too seriously, because dairy company Darigold has carved both candidates' likeness into butter, for the people to decide who is the better butter mayor. This little scheme was cooked up with the help of Wexley School For Girls.

There is a Facebook initiative to it, where you can vote. Which is great because real voter turnout in Seattle is so high we might as well vote on Butter Mayors, too.

Me? I actually like the idea. They should carry it through the entire Mayor term. When the mayor's popularity dips below a certain percentage point, they can start melting his bust, fry up a few dozen eggs, and feed the rampant homeless population. That's a freebie, Wexley. You can keep it.

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