Wi-fi advertising, an idea ripe for picking at least twice


Remember this idea? It was created by They for Coffee Connection (an old client of mine actually, we did Fax ideas which tells you how long ago that was). They used "WiFi headlines" to nudge people into getting another coffee, or maybe buy a tasty muffin - the customer would ask what the WiFi network was named and the barista could reply "BuyAnotherCoffeeAlready" and mean it. Very funny. So clever that They won Silver in the Epica awards 2008 with it.

In September of 2008 I spotted this version from Lukas Lindemann Rosinski Hamburg, Germany. Oh yes, it's a very similar idea, since the idea is to advertise using the wifi names. Here Germanwings flight offers are the names, with their cheap prices listed on each destination. The extra twist here is that the network the user chooses, for example "Ibiza for 19.99 Euros", will lead him to a page offering the Ibiza trip.

So, it's the same idea, twice, really since the media is the idea. The new hot media buy of 2008 was open wifi-networks, as They actually turned this into a business venture where clients could buy networks named "I'm lovin' it", a WinterSaleTodayatBlokker and so on.

I'm sure many more places have amused themselves with naming their networks funny things, I know I do, but these are the two that I've seen in award shows. Do you know of any others?

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