Will tattoo myself for food!


Pat Lean thinks she's onto a brilliant strategy - she'll tattoo her favorite vendors onto herself and get free stuff and the ink paid for. She just got Pizza Shuttle's logo inked onto her arm according to Pizza Marketing Quarterly (yes there is such a mag) - and for her bravery under the needle she got the ink paid and free pizza once a month. What a deal!

Pat Lean says she would like to get more tattoos advertising for local businesses like Harley-Davidson and Miller Brewing.

..... might she get a bike and beer for life out of that? Not a bad deal if she remembers not to drink and drive.

This reminds me of that illustrator who was a member of adlist back in 98 - she had w+k tattoed on her calf, hoping to stay at w+k for life. She was "let go" soon after the ink scar healed. Wonder what became of her?

Anyway, this idea isn't new of course, there was real ink tat ads have arrived back in 2004 and then there was those infamous outpost.com ads - which weren't real but pointed at where we were headed. And then there was a casino we'd rather not mention who has sponsored both fake and real ink on peoples forehads and chests. Boxers have been getting paid to be human billboards for years, which the Nevada Athletic Commission tried to ban back in 2002. Ink is getting outdated people. ;9

Outpost.com 1998 superbowl ad

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