Winner of the twitter super bowl scrimmage: Samsung


The winner of the first ever Twitter Scrimmage is the Samsung 2012 super bowl commercial "A thing called love", it brought in 13.4% votes, beating Marvel Avengers 12.4%. Studly Beckham in his skivvies got 9.1% of the votes, while the stark naked M&M only got 8.6%. Hot on their trail was the Kia ad with 7.9% of the votes.

So congrats to L.A. Agency 72andsunny, you've not only resurrected "The Darkness" career, re-introduced the stylus that Apple fanboi's hated already back in the days of Newton, and relaunched the most annoying song of 2003, you just won the first twitter scrimmage too! You're invincible!

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