Working Holiday In London

Landing a creative job in London has always been tough, but it's even harder when:

1) You don't live in the UK
2) Your Working Holiday Visa only lets you work part-time
3) English isn't your first language
4) You live with a horny and verbally abusive landlord

But despite all those things, art director Gwen Yip managed to score a freelance gig at Wieden & Kennedy, London. She kept an illustrated diary of her experience and it's crazy funny. Gwen likes to draw people she meets, including BBH legend John Hegarty.

Working Holiday In London is a good read for ad grunts as well as people looking to break into the business. Start at London 001 and work your way up to London 417.The copy is in Chinese but there are English subtitles.

about the author

Robblink I am a copywriter in New York City, always looking for the best ads