Wrigley suspends production of caffeinated gum

Wrigley suspended production of its new caffeinated gum Alert, while the FDA reviews its safety. It's not even linked on their website. While it seems weird at first glance considering the amount of amped up energy drinks on the market, the AP reports that one stick of Alert gum is equal to a half cup of coffee.

Perhaps more importantly they can take the time while the FDA studies the gum, to deflect some heat from critics who are understandably upset that this might be marketed towards children.

Although for one thing, their target is the 25-49 crowd, and in a Chicago Tribune based piece, said the product itself is kept near the 5 Hour Energy bottles, and not in the candy aisles.

Note to Wrigley-- considering the fact the energy drink industry has been in legal troubles before you might have tried a different move.

But seeing as how gum sales are on the decline I guess you'll try anything to reverse that trend.

Wrigley has been more than cooperative throughout. First of all, they created this gum specifically to taste, well-- awful. Or at least, like other bitter energy drinks.
Casey Keller, President of the North America Wrigley division said "We've taken great pains to make this different than traditional gum."

Wrigley has been highly cooperative on their part. They can't afford a screw up, and no doubt they went in to this fully compliant. Still, though. Voluntarily or not, with a new product being taken off the market after just a month, it has to hurt.

And when you think about it, the FDA has no legal problem with kids drinking colas and Red Bull. It all seems a bit hypocritical.