Yahoo's logo-change, 30 days of drumroll to Optima.

So finally, the 30 days of change it took Yahoo to dance around like an extended drumroll before revealing their new logo is over. And it paid off! Never before have people talked so much about logo switching from purple & exclamation-mark 90s irregularly sized letters to purple & exclamation-mark embossed irregularly sized Optima as they did today. The slightly tilted exclamation mark isn't the clever here, people, the 30-day drumroll was. Smartest thing about this change was how they spent all this time revealing it, thereby grabbing rubbernecking eyeballs and receiving earned media up the wazoo. Go Yahoo!

Why, it's almost as exciting to read about Yahoo's new logo, as it was to read about the new Big Dogs logo Leyawn wrote about today.

So, one weekend this summer, I rolled up my sleeves on one of my favorite Big Dog Graphic Tees, and dove into the trenches with our logo design team: Bob who came up with the name “Big Dogs”, Marc who’s a piece of shit, Russ who brought snacks, and our intern Max who is the only employee who owns a computer at home. We spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday installing something called “Adobe Illustrator” which cost a shit ton of money, but Max said it was “totally worth it” and “required” to put a picture of a dog next to the words “Big Dogs”.

We knew we wanted a logo that reflected Big Dogs - big, yet also dogs. Dogs that were big, with a nod to big dogs. Having letters next to it, that spelled out our company name. Big Dogs.

And Yahoo knew they wanted it purple, irregular, and with an exclamation mark.