Image of Decoding the Irrational Consumer: How to Commission, Run and Generate Insights from Neuromarketing Research (Marketing Science)

Of course we want to eat healthy, we say as we munch down on a french fry, ignoring our hypocrisy.

You'd think it'd be a no brainer to price something lower to increase sales, but that's not always the case because of the subconscious cues that it sends out.

Image of Paid Attention: Innovative Advertising for a Digital World

Paid Attention by Faris Yakob

I've followed @faris for a while on Twitter. I've live-streamed a few of his presentations. I've always found myself nodding in agreement with him on many of the points he makes. And in "Paid Attention", there was just more of that. I didn't necessarily find it groundbreaking information, but that is A) because I've heard some of it already, and B) working in digital I've experienced a lot first hand myself. Perhaps to me it isn't "innovative" advertising, because I'm pushing the same agenda. For those who haven't been following along or are questioning their current direction, they will find it enlightening for sure.

Image of Digital Doesn't Matter: (and other advertising heresies)

Will you look at that Åsk Wäppling is now listed as an author on Amazon...

Image of Digital State: How the Internet is Changing Everything

What is the Digital State?
What is our Digital State of Mind?
What does the Digital State mean for brands and for businesses?

These are the questions Simon Pont looked to answer by bringing experts from advertising, marketing, media, publishing, law and finance together. The result is a collection of 16 essays touching on personal and professional ways digital is transforming our lives, our culture, and our industry.

My favorite sections from the book include:

Image of The Practical Pocket Guide to Account Planning

Ever felt like your office is full of tools? Ever wondered if you were one? Ever wanted to get less tooly and better at planning? Look, there's lots of advertising books out there, and they're usually for creatives, unless they're all account all the time. Very few books are bite-sized planning advice, approved by creatives. In fact, I think there's just one, and this one is it.

Look, you can only get so far with a fake British accent. You better pick this book up if you're interested in planning or just want a refresher reminder on how it should really be™. Or maybe, just maybe pick it up because you're an eternally curious person, and you really want to know what a planner does.


Image of Bill Bernbach's Book: A History of Advertising That Changed the History of Advertising

In A History of Advertising That Changed the History of Advertising Bob Levenson will show you that the simple rules: "Tell the truth", "Make it interesting" and to top it off "show it in a different way" is all you really need to make a great ad.

You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's. What idiot changed the Chivas Regal bottle again? Lemon. Think small.

This illustration:

Image of Joe La Pompe: 100 Visual Ideas, 1000 Great Ads

This is a book you need to stuff in every xmas christmas stocking that belongs to an adgrunt or a student of advertising. It does just what it says on the tin, it'll show you one hundred visual ideas and one thousand (often great) ads. Like Nouveau? Or not, Joe La Pompe's previous book, and his website, this book is full of twin ads. Triplets, quadruplets and octuplets too. But only in a slight visual common note, the ideas differ. Like when The Economist and Gametek had the same windshield-wiper visual but said two very different things.

Image of Advertising Concept Book (Second Edition)

I have one reason you should get this book.

The entire book looks like a comp. All illustrations are rough sketches of the ads that they are talking about.


Because the point of the book is concept now, design later. You should make roughs and tissue paper and sketches and whatever you may call it, as many as you can, as simple as you can to explain your idea. When you have it, the idea that scrawny little sketch jumps out at you and the designing can begin.

Put that mouse down, leave the wacom tablet alone. Take your time to look through this solid, informative and fun read. Giggle at each comp that you instantly recognize the ad in. Learn the lesson: have the concept before the computer.

Honestly, every client out there should have this book.

Image of 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising

If you read the Ad Contrarian, then you know what this book is like. He runs against the grain, he rants on making his points, he'll have you laughing at the hype and he hates pretty much everything that is hyped. Fans love this, love him, and even those who don't agree with him check the blog because it's darn-tooting refreshing looking at the latest glass of Kool-aid from the angle of someone who didn't drink it.