Highlighters vs Blacking out text.

Remember the Luxor Highlighters campaign from Leo Burnett Mumbai? Yes, it even won a nice shiny Gold Lion at the Cannes awards in press. Well, there's another campaign out there depicting dictators on newsprint, albeit doing the opposite, blacking out instead of highlighting. I just found the visual similarity amusing.


Star wars - Lazer swords in bus ad posters - times three!

I'm catching up on my Badlanders. Here's a triple-lazer swords poster collection.


Blurred posters show speed, going once, twice, three times.

I thought the Chrysler 300C STR8 = Fast , Ambient posters from Brazil were made of plastic because I was thinking of the concept idea semi-transparent resin billboard for Mustang. (which is a portfolio piece not a real ad)

They're not plastic though, like the Volkswagen R32 ads, they're photos of the background, blurred.


Brands on Candid Camera

Burger King, Carl's Jr/Hardees, and Pizza Hut. If you thought the candid camera concepts were going to stop at fast food brands, you were wrong. So very wrong. Mazda and VW are two more brands following up on the seemly "hot" trend for 2008. And, it's only June. Who knows how many others we'll see by the end of the year. ;)

Volkswagen – VW – Actual Customers (2008):30 (USA)


Water water everywhere, especially hot water that makes cup color change.

Remember the WWF "hot water" cups that were given away at the important United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali last December? You poured hot water in them and the the graphic of the world’s land mass vanished under the rising sea.

The Miami ad school kids (in Brazil) just did their own hot-coffee version (and imply that it will be/was seen at Starbucks) for the Natural Resources Defense Council. Here we're not vanishing the earth under water, but turning continents into deserts.


Fake ads strike again, did McCann India fake a Benetton ad for awards - or...?

Now, the whole "spec work/portfolio work" floating around the web syndrome isn't great for the industry - you all know this don't you? We were just chatting about it in Spec work going around the web as real ads - is there any way to stop that? Should we even try? where the AD behind the outrageous Toyota Prius campaign at least credited a fake agency. But here, Sunil Sinbad seems to have found an ad produced by McCann India (according to credits) for Benetton. See Sunil's post here where he contacts Benetton to get their comment on the campaign. Benetton's spokeperson Jill explains that they had nothing to do with this ad, but then she adds that she hasn't asked McCann if they created it either. Seriously where is your head at if you are a legit multinational ad agency and you make fake ads for clients that you never had? Oh, I know, in the same place as DPZ Propaganda of Brazil's was a few years back. Cannes lions are that tempting. fake it til you make it, they say.

The Benetton campaign was originally found here.


Denny's serve it up YouTube style

For better or worse, YouTube videos has really influenced advertising and pop culture as a whole. It's like The World's Funniest Home Videos....on demand. Here's a commercial that takes the popular human slingshot video to new heights.


Cumming, The fragrance and the Sophie Dahl nude shoot spoof

I don't know why Clay is so preoccupied with perfumes recently, but he just wondered aloud if anyone knew how cumming the fragrance was selling. And that reminded me that we have yet another Sophie Dahl nude Opium perfume spoof to add to our lists - though the recent Hästens luxury bed campaign is probably not trying to be a deliberate homage. Shame it wasn't in color though. :)

Previous spoof was for Newcastle Brown ale.


Candid Camera Concept Catchy for Pizza Hut and Carl's Jr/Hardees

Earlier this year, Yum Brands Pizza Hut launched it's new pasta offering by setting up a fake restaurant named Tuscani, serving their new pasta and then video taping the diner's reactions when they told them it was pasta from Pizza Hut. Superadgrunts see one of the ads below:

CKE's Carl's Jr and Hardees have this week launched a new campaign with the same the same fake restaurant idea. The ad campaign "Fake Restaurant" fooled consumers into thinking that the expensive burger they just ate was worth $14 or $20 when it actually came from the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's chains. Just like the Pizza Hut campaign, it captures on hidden camera the experiences of customers who believed they were eating expensive burgers at a fancy restaurant. Mendelsohn|Zien created the concept and a series of 30-second spots started airing Tuesday in Hardee's markets, and will begin airing in Carl's Jr. markets on June 22.


The Get Out Clause CCTV video VS The Frames CCTV video.

As much as I hate this song, I love the idea of the video. Perform in front of CCTV cameras, request the footage via the Data Protection Act, edit together = presto, neat video.


Tom Ford Eyewear ad gets banned in Italy

It was just a matter of time, wasn't it?

Italy's advertising watchdog, the Institute for Advertising Self-Discipline (IAP), has banned Tom Ford Eyewear ads from national media. A close-up photo of a woman wearing the brand's sunglasses with a man's finger in her mouth was deemed by IAP to be "markedly vulgar" and, as such, it "transcends the limits of simple bad taste and offends the sensibility" of viewers. In addition, the committee believes the "scene evokes an offending and abusive act against women, which degrades the dignity of the person." IAP also said the sexual innuendo and provocative edge are part of a campaign based on these kinds of images, noting that the brand's Web site itself describes the spring-summer campaign photos as "sexually explicit." Vincenzo Guggino, general secretary at IAP, said the images were banned after publication last month in three magazines, including Italian Vogue. "Fashion companies very rarely present their ads for inspection before they appear in the media," said Guggino. "Our mission is to promote better and more acceptable communication." .



Gossip Girl - OMFG (2008) Print (USA)

There's such a big flap over the new Gossip Girl billboard that uses a four-letter txt word, but it's not as controversial as French Connection UK's re-branding a few years ago. Everyone should just CTFO.


Rolling, rolling, rolling

Here are at your attention two creative visions:


Homer vs. Hormel

When I saw this Hormel spot today, all I could say was D'OH!