Resolve vs. Emergen-C

Lavazza gets pin-up ad banned in Sweden

Swedes - the prudes with the scandalous reputation and the high ratio of buxom blondes has banned a Lavazza ad as it was discriminating. See tame pin-up inside.

Is XBox paying homage to Apple or just ripping them off?

XBox's new spot advertising their sport themed games looks an awful lot like Apple's iTunes/iPod spot from earlier this year where CD covers pile up into a city which then turns into the iPod. You have to wonder where they got their inspiration. ;) Apple's spot was released back in March of 2006.



Ad award pencils in the machine

The folks at One Show have asked us "where have you seen this creative (D&AD 2007 Global Student call for entry) before?"

They supplied the answer.

In 2005 the Japanese creative team at Dentsu conceived the "Pencil Catcher" as a play on the classic arcade game to pay homage to the prestigious Pencils awarded at the One Show.

The "Pencil-Catcher" website was created as a call for entry and an invitation to the opening of the 4th Annual One Show Exhibition at the Ad Museum of Tokyo, Japan.

The concept was highly regarded and the "Pencil-Catcher" website garnered a Bronze in Clio 2006, Silver in Asia Pacific Ad Fest 2006, and Bronze in Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards 2006.

While imitation is the highest from of flattery, when is that line crossed? See what we are talking about.

Howling bad duplicaism for Renault and Nova

Yes, we've got yet another example of the dangers of using stock imagery. Antoan sent in this badland duo of a newly released billboard of Nova Television TV station in Sofia, Bulgaria and a print ad for Renault.

Lynx vs. New Found Glory

Woke up and found yourself in Badland? Don't worry. It's not your fault...or is it?

Allstate vs. Mercedes

No matter how fast you drive in Badland, you're moving too slow.

Sure vs. AT&T "Stunt city" badlanders

Look both ways when you cross the streets of Badland. You may get hit by two commercials.

And the "Balls" ad spoofs keep bouncing in

Following in the footsteps of Tango's Balls spoof back in May, London lingerie company Myla has created their own spoof on the Sony Bravia "Balls" spot.

Bishops Finger ad deemed too raunchy

A woman in a revealing mediaeval frock sits perched atop a hay bale, declaring "I love a good session on the Bishop's Finger". , and honestly now who doesn't? I know I love a good round of the Bishop's finger!

badland - adidas basketball

Check it out - a bit of a flashback from Adidas-- so soon after the other one as well: Straight to the moon.

The two Sonics ones are from ddb Seattle from three years ago -- The other three are from an Adidas campaign that is just launching.

Not too much of a surprise (the concept fits basketball after all,) but strikingly similar none the less. All revealed inside!

Oil pumpers, smokestacks and flowers - ditto!

What the hell? There's something in the water lately - found another strange visual pairing for Badland here, a promo that Helios did back in 03 for Tekko, a 3D festival. Richard Switzer at Helios tells us that this was also on Stash DVD #1.

also available in the archive here.

Now compare, here' something a Serbian MoGraph company Fried Pictures just did. Recognise some of the industrial landscape, the shots of smokestacks, oil pumpers and it all exploding with flowers a the end, plus the whole colour palette? Deja badland vu!

Check it out here on Fried Pictures site.

Pretty remarkable coincidence if it is one. To me, this looks more like demo love. Side by side shots inside.

The building blocks of a cool looking commercial, times two!

A little birdie nudged me to this pairing - last year Nakd did a self promo piece that got all CGI magicky with boxes that built a road, a bridge, an entire city. You can view that action here on their own site. (QT)

Katamari Damacy commercials, kinda, times two.

Sharp badlander spotter Anantha nudged us to this set.