Southern Comfort spoof ad budgiewalk raises money for children's hospital

Enamored with that Southern Comfort commercial where the man who has 'gotta be me' struts his stuff along the beach in a bathing suit and leather shoes, a a group of students from the University of Sheffield suddenly had the bright idea to do their own version when Pete sort of volunteered to recreate it, as long as some money got raised for the local children's hospital (and he got a bottle of Southern Comfort).

Hot Wheels Toy Cars at the beach!

What happened here? Well, Hot Wheels zoomed in on cute cars in parking lots and proceeded to package them like toy cars - and rumour has it that this actually happened to people who just popped in to the mall for a quick errand. put faces behind bars - 4 weeks for freedom are currently protesting the imprisonment of Nasrin Sotoudeh in Iran and Ales Bialiatski in Belarus. Their street guerilla action is to hang images of them, with hands, on all the bars they can find in Amsterdam. That is on gates around peoples houses, parks and train stations. Private property, city property, definitely not Amnesty or a media property. Yes, ad creep is a peeve of mine if it means the city has to clean it up. Inexpensive ingenuity when it comes to media is how Amnesty gets attention since their media budget isn't large.

PETA Fur Trim ad - once again, they recycle their own old ideas

PETA are at it again, with their usual woman-hate. No surprises there, but once again they have recycled their own idea. You know how one visual execution with three different models pains me, as that's not really a campaign. There's one thing I think is worse, and it's doing the same idea, over and over again, expecting a different result. Even Einstein knows that's insane.

Sloppy seconds from Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham, the creator of HBO series Girls makes one big innuendo of a political ad to get out the vote for Obama because apparently he deflowered her or something.

In it, Dunham rambles like she's taken too much Adderall. It has a very creepy Generation Instagram feel to it and the music reminds me somehow of those Mac vs. PC ads. Just when we get to the point where the constant run on sentences and bad jump cut edits are making me want to scream, Dunham finally slows down and says:

Publicis Piranha Olympic ads copy execution straight from "Forms", starts debate on rights

The visual art blog AntiVJ has a post called "inspiration vs theft" detailing the case of copy-cat style between the

Wanna date Derek? No thank you, I already dated Brian

Skiver Advertising is pimping out their "vivacious, handsome, smart, ripped" and "a kind-hearted soul" of an account executive at the site WannadateDerek. It's all a twist to pull you in via Billboards, youtube videos and the twitter handle @WannaDateDerek to Skiver advertising, and learn how they can brand stuff for you. Any stuff. Even dateless Derek.

"Everyone is looking for something," says Jeremy Skiver, CEO of Skiver Advertising. "And that's where we come in. We're experts at bringing brands and their audience, and helping them build a strong, lasting and evolving relationship."

Asylum Films calls out Leo Burnett in open letter for stealing their idea.

Ok, perhaps they're not being quite as blunt as calling "Stop! Thief!" in their open letter, but it makes for a snappy cliff-note type headline. Asylum films have sent an open letter to Graeme Light, head of TV at Leo Burnett pointing out the blatant similarities in Leo Burnett's Ronald McDonald film to Asylums film. They call a spade a spade:

It is essentially our piece of work reshot and redone with a bigger budget. Not only the concept, but lighting, the feel and shot selection are almost identical.

Classic Badlander: X wants YOU - *points*

Because I am in a smartarse mood today, I'd just like to point out that Uncle Sam's "wants you" recruitment poster is totally a badlander as "Lord Kitchener Wants You" was the UK's call to personal action already back in 1914.

The "pointing at the viewer" guilt trip of the Lord Kitchener poster can be seen echoed in many more posters that came after it. Examples; Smokey the bear, Soviet Union poster by Dmitry Moor, 1941. A United States, World War I poster in Yiddish: "Your Old New Land must have you! Join the Jewish regiment". A British World War I recruiting poster with John Bull asking "Who's Absent? Is it YOU?" in 1915. A Reichswehr recruitment poster by Julius Ussy Engelhard, 1919. "You too must join Reichswehr". And so on. You, dear punter, are wanted as canon-fodder,

Free wi-fi networks used as ad-space, yeah we've seen this media-idea before.

See, we already Badlanded it once in "wi-fi idea ripe for picking at least twice." Yes, it's the name-your-wifi-something-to-advertise-something idea, and as predicted this is now so mature that the wifi itself is a media.

The Coffee company nudged customers to try a muffin, or "buy another coffee already" with their execution (top image) in 2008, while GermanWings led people via their free wifi (named after offers) to pages with those offers (also in 2008).

Hell Pizza's carbon copied ad campaign is just like New York Pizza's commercials

This is a funny badlander, that somehow escaped our attention when it first happened, this should have appeared under dupliclaims already two years go. We are slacking, our bad.

Cyberbullying hurts just as bad as that face-bruises Domestic Violence PSA?

Do you remember the Domestic Violence PSA - Coalition Against Battered Women: "It rarely stops" from Y&R in 2010? Yeah it was a bit like that Macy Grey video from the 90s, where the bruises appeared and vanished from her face, but here our abused heroine wasn't singing about the past. She was busy covering each mark, cut and brusies with makeup, while new ones kept appearing, which made the point of the ad : "It rarely stops".

Badland: now PUMA jumps on the 8-bit bandwagon too

Sure sure, this is a stylistic dupliclaim only, but since that Nike ad that had the same base idea as the 2009 Adidas ad was only posted a few days ago, I had to add this now that I've seen it. I's a pixel race! Like an old-school video game! Selling sports shoes! Puma Run!

Nike vs Adidas - inner city run becomes a computer game, twice.

It might not be as blatant, visually, as the EA sports ad that looked like the giant people in the Nike ad, nor is it based all in execution like the

The bossy vending machine for Delites a lot like the sassy vending machine for Nesquick

There's a new ad out, where the Delite-o-magic vending machine challenges people to press the button 100 times, bow down and kneel before it, jump on one leg and dance like a maniac, just to get a free pack of Delites. Forget that "How far will people go for the taste of Fantastic Delites?" sounds a lot like "What would you do for a Klondyke bar" for a second, and forget that it would take five hours to push the button five-thousand times, lets look at the vending machine part of this idea shall we?