George Takei makes a rainbow out of Queen's outfits, just like that Merkel Pantone

Star Trek star and all around hilarious gay rights fighter George Takei alerted everyone to the Queen signing a marriage Equality law in the UK today, via this image posted on facebook, and link he tweeted out on twitter. Because only Captain Kirk aka William Shatner can keep up with George on social media.

Youtube's "ambush advertising" in makeup tutorial channels, been done thrice

Stealth advertising in youtube channels is popular, so popular we have badlanders happening. Maybe this type of advertising should have its own name? Ambush advertising? Kiss and sell?

Oreo Daily twist vs Google daily doodle - only one wins a Cannes Lion

So, still hungover from Cannes, Oreo and DraftFCB are basking in the shine of their glorious Lion win for Oreo Daily Twist, when lady-who-has-real-job™ asks... "How is the Oreo thing any different from the Google doodle?" OH PLEASE! Back off, lady, this area is for professionals in advertising only. Just because you educate the next generation of consumers doesn't mean you have any idea about what makes an ad campaign. Have a seat in that tiny uncomfortable desk over there while I explain.

Animal auditions in Badland - Frontier Airlines vs Frontier communications

Sure sure, we see ads that are very similar. We see ads that have the same idea. We see ads that have the same base idea, from companies that have the same name?

Will Innocean win in Cannes with Kia flat faces, or will judges remember prior flat faces?

Oh Innocean, you've barely recovered from the suicide Hyundai ad debacle and now I see you're sending this to Cannes.

Copyright ignoring t-shirt makers thrive at Etsy, ripping off an illustrator near you

Jacqui Oakley is an established illustrator who uses oil, acrylic and elbow grease. You can find her on twitter as JacquiOakley, and her work on thousands of pinterest-boards, often uncredited and unlinked. She made this this Rihanna & zebra illustration with a splash of hot pink, and found much to her surprise an Etsy account selling a t-shirt with that print on it. A shop that has not asked for her permission.

Clio award student win this year, was already a Clio award interactive win last year

It's been a while since I badlanded stuff, despite seeing badlanders every day, as I find it's no fun unless there's an interesting twist to it.

"Need a Summer Job? Date a SUGAR DADDY." have a billboard up in Los Angeles that was twice banned in Chicago. The billboard reads: "Need a Summer Job? Date a SUGAR DADDY." and depicts a cute blond girl touching up her makeup. I'm not sure how one lists sugar daddies on ones resumé, but perhaps this sort of internship is the fast track toward the stripper pole. The blond in the ad by the way, is none other than former porn star and Charlie Sheen “goddess” Bree Olson. The billboard is placed very near UCLA campus to attract young college-girls to the dating site, said Arrangementfinders marketing director AJ Perkins to

Brazil has competing rock radio apps

Wow, it was barely an hour ago I was all excited about UL 89FM's Rock Snooze app, featuring the heavy metal guitar shredding of Andreas Kisser of Sepultura.

Now I come to find out 91 Rock, another rock radio station in Brazil, has a very similar idea. Instead of just using Adreas Kisser though, you can pick your playlists. And if you are a deep sleeper, as the case study says, the songs will get heavier.

Two very similar apps for rock radio stations in Brazil on the same day! It's a rock and roll miracle!

Tyler the Creator Mountain Dew Ad pulled for being racist.

I'm really surprised to hear that the third installment of Odd Future cherub Tyler the Creator was pulled.

Considering these ads are so amazing. Oh yes, in case you didn't know there is a part one and a part two. Amazingly, part one, in which the goat beats up a woman, didn't generate controversy. But the third part, the police line up, did.

Yes another (failed) suicide by car: Honda!

Joelapompe says that perhaps this idea is like a Zombie, impossible to kill, and he may have a point because no matter how many times this idea should be shot down before it even hits foamcore, we see it again and again. Most recently for Hyundai, previously for Smart Car, that infamous Audi ad, Nissan in 1997, and Citroen's black comedy.

The is officially older than dirt, badlanded twice in one day last week, and we are oh so tired of it.

Banned: the "Pussy" ad posters for Brandon's energy drink

The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that the poster for "Pussy", above with the line: "The drink's pure, it's your mind that's the problem" can not appear again in its current form. The posters made by Beattie McGuinness Bungay, received a total of 156 complaints, as people took offense to the name of the product. It's a bit FCUK all over again, with a dash of Branson mixed in as Holly and Sam Branson, Sir Richards kids, have invested in the company because "I love pussy in the morning".

Hyundai suicide by car ad idea, officially older than dirt (one more!)

Seriously? Again? It feels like I could make a spin-off site dedicated to posting only suicide by car ad ideas, because yes folks we've found one more. This idea practically owns the suicide tag on adland.

Our first Badlander was when Audi A5 suicide ad (spec job), was shown side by side with Brian Baderman's Citroen suicide. While most comments agreed then that the Audi one was too dark and therfore less funny, the web didn't care and the Audi a5 suicide ad spread like wildfire (much to Audi's dismay! They want nothing to do with this spec job). Then Hyundai joined in the Badland hall of shame, and earlier today a Nissan ad from 1997 joined the group being (so far) the oldest executed idea.

One more suicide by car - this idea was already done back in 1997

Hold up everyone, the suicide by car Badlander isn't done yet.