Military Stories - Badlanded

At the festival Mena Cristal Awards 2008 the agency Leo Burnett Beirut won Corporate Cristal for the commercial "Tribute to the Lebanesse Army", an ad that shows a soldier being saluted by civilians as he walks the streets.

Ad agency sues client for 1.5 million after lost pitch

Resumé reports that ad agency Badlord have filed a 1.5 millions SEK suit against Lindex for nicking their idea. Badlord went straight to Lindex and marketing director Johan Hallin with their idea, Mr Hallin suggested that agency Badlord bring the idea to Lindex' ad agency WeAreGroup. Later Badlord were told that the idea "wasn't enough fashion".

Now that this campaign above is in magazines, Badlord feel ripped off. Both Enzo Bussoli CEO of WeAreGroup and Johan Hallin of Lindex signed the standard Swedish advertisers contract, stating they won't use the presented idea or "similar ideas" in their advertising unless they hire Badlord.

Joe Woody vs. Taco Bell

I'll have a Badlander with mustard and hold cheese please!

Well, at least he drives a prius, right?

Somebody skilled at photoshop, or perhaps a photographer, or maybe both, has done this nicely executed spoof campaign for Toyota Prius where people do all sorts of bad things like dump bodies (in a "no dumping" lake, so bad - remember what happened to Springfield!), pick up hookers or have affairs with the landscaper. Well, at least they drive a Prius, right?
Who spent all this energy on doing a fake campaign I wonder, I hope it's not an agency trying to win a pitch. (two more ads inside after the jump)

Via AdFreak via windingroad.

Hubba Bubba hijacking other ad posters for their bubble-ads?

Ok, so this Hubba Bubba campaign which was released march 2007 seems to be piggy-backing on all other advertisers posters.... I have no idea how BBDO Düsseldorf pulled that off, but then again BBDO has triumpf and P&G (Ariel as seen below) so this might have been only running on their own clients thing, in which case - more power to ya! Well done. (the badland twist is inside folks)

Advertising Agency: BBDO Düsseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Ton Hollander, Marie-Theres Schwingeler, Toygar Bazarkaya, Ralf Zilligen
Art Director: Julia Furtmann
Copywriter: Kai Hoffmann

TouchBlue vs Carl's Jr: Is that egg on your face?

Not one, but two different guys (non adgrunts with yahoo emails so it could in fact be the same guy) sent me this 'scoop' within two minutes of each other so I'm guessing some people out there are peeved about this brainsync.

Lets watch the clip "Knight School", made way back in 2005 by the sketch comedy group Touchblue.

Clustarack does a "cog"/domino ad video

We've seen plenty of examples of the "Der Lauf Der Dinge" thing, Honda's Cog film which was sued for being a rip of Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss' work. Then there was that collection the current domino trend in Badland which started because of the Guinness "Tipping Point"
We're not done yet! Adgrunt alex points out that now, Clustarack is doing a video which may give you a sense of Deja Vu.

In an ad for clustarack they have a hypnotic domino/chain-of-events going on in a print shop, all started by rolls that fall over, as they do when not secured. Quite cute actually since the roll-parking product they sell is the hero at the end of the video. You can even download the ad, but only in .wmv

Video Marketing Strategies That Work?

You know those amazing commercials where the guy draws on a whiteboard? We loved those videos so much we made our own version. Question: How have other marketers found videos like this to work in the advertising world?

I tried to attach the video here, but if you can't view it, here it is on YouTube.

"Be kind, rewind" - Ok, I will!

Adland's own hot-shot director Michel Gondry has a new movie coming out called "Be Kind Rewind." In it two guys who work in a video store erase all the tapes and replace the movies with themselves acting out the film instead. Lets pretend it's 1998 and video tapes are still around and go with that idea for a moment. They replace the films on the tape with themselves acting out the movie. Hmm. Oddly familiar... If this idea seems like it's ten years old, well it might just be because Nickelodeon did a show 8 years ago with the same idea. Tee hee! Congrats Michel, you've been honorarily badlanded.

To carry the movies' premise even further, Michel wasn't happy with the studios trailer so he made his own. Hardy-har-har. Oh you so funny Michel.

FNAC vs. Rocket Boom vs. Flickr

It's good to see that album art is alive and well in the era of mp3s.
But to quote AC/DC, who made who?

Jackie Moon shills both Old Spice and Bud at the same time.

Did Wieden+Kennedy and DDB Chicago have the weirdest brainsync of them all? They both fancy using Jackie Moon as spokesperson. First he was in a hugely popular Bud Light ad during the 2008 Super Bowl XLII, now he's hanging around the same locker room espousing the virtues of le Old Spice in his trademark way. Didn't Will Ferrel at some point say "hay, guys.... I'm already playing spokesperson for another brand here, airing at the same time.." I guess not.

Sure sure, this is only a kindof a Badlander, but I think the sudden Jackie Moon trend is funny. Next up, lets see him hawk razors, hair gel and fast food!

Check the ads out:
Bud Light - Jackie Moon / Semi-pro / Will Ferrell (2008) 0:30 (USA)

Old Spice - Jackie Moon / Caveman - (2008) :30 (USA)

World of silence

See both films (and more) inside!

Balloon animals and other condoms badlander

Thanks for purplesimon and Andreas-Udd for helping me recall where I had seen this trick before. Here's a small collection of condom balloon creatures.

Durex wheelbarrow from Ogilvy Singapore and Durex rabbit from Tonic Communications, Dubai. I like the rabbit, it's cheeky.

What's missing is inspiration. MMmkay?

Resume has a picture of a long billboard in Stockholm today that spells out the line: What's _issing _n St_ckholm?

Resumé reckons that they nicked the clever missing letters idea from the campaign for H&M that read: _HATS _ISSING in SOHO?. I saw those when I lived in New York in 2001, but didn't have my camera handy.

We'd just like to point to earlier ads in Badland ingle Ells for J&B and illeniu for M&M's, the M&M's did this eight years ago and the J&B ad is more than thirty years old.

Honorary Badlander: Plagiarizing books.

From the "lazy way to write something" department, celeb designer Jimmy Schönning in Sweden has admitted that he plagarized most of his book "Find Home" (Hitta hem) from celeb designer Nate Berkus book "Home Rules".

A double barreled Badlander.

Been a while folks, so here's a couple of wine and beer bottles that'll have you seeing double. I don't think the creators should beat themselves up - or god forbid shoot themselves - over it though as we all have drawn this one, at least once..

Get out of advertising! Where do you get inspired?

Paul Arden yells this at lectures - "Get out of advertising!" - meaning seek inspiration from outside of the office walls. Some solve this by going to art galleries, others go fishing - I used to go to joke shops a lot and it seems, so do adkids today. It is still one of the best places to seek inspiration, at the very least you'll come home with a bag of "raucher-schnee" to prep your still smoking co-workers cigarettes with causing much mirth when snow falls from their smoke.

I was reminded of the joke shops the forum about this years the Epica results as the direct winner from Leo Burnett Frankfurt were pacifiers with teeth on them were the funny, much like the classic joke item Billy Bobs pacifiers, a whole brand in itself.

Saddest Logo Change of 2007 - The castrated Lion "ad omnia paratus"

Some might say that a castrated lion is the perfect symbol for European defence policy - and the Times online claims some unidentified US blogger did but I have not found a source for that quote. It all began when a few women in the Nordic Battle Group were miffed that the symbol for their group showed a male lion, and they figured this was sex discrimination so they lodged a complaint with the European Court of Justice. Before anyone could say nip-tuck the lion on the coat of arms was castrated via computer.

The lion, before and after.

The Lions designer Vladimir A Sagerlund doesn't think it's in the least bit amusing: “The Army lacks knowledge about heraldry. Coats of arms containing lions without genitalia were given to those who betrayed the Crown.” he said to Göteborgs Posten. Mr Sagerlund knows a thing or two about this, having worked as a crest designer at the National Archives since 1994.

A pretty useless snip if you ask me, since the Lion is still clearly a male with that mane - the Times says that "the message remains clear: the lions are supposed to display courage and nothing else." To me, choosing the lazy-ass, never hunt for himself male lion as a symbol for courage when the females do all the scary hunting work (in tight units no less, with each female responsible for one part of the hunt, how very army-like) seems kind of silly right there so while we're already using by now outdated symbols could we at least let the poor critter keeps his balls? Then there are those who are better at latin than me who argue that "ad omnia paratus" in female form would be paratas, so we're not gender neutral even in the motto, making the snip a tad impotent.
There are plenty of other crests that are clearly male animals, and sadly it looks as if they'll be loosing their parts soon as well. Where will all the baby crests come from in the future?
Hat tip to Bold

Polarbröd logo & trademark hijacked by pirates in Asia

polarbröd The sincerest form of flattery has happened to Polarbröd - makers of traditional arctic flatbread (my fave) - as their company logo and trademark has been hijacked by trendy T-shirt companies down under and over in Asia. This isn't the seventies however, people travel a lot more than they used to, in real life as well as on the web, and if there's something us northerners are known for - apart from the stereotypes about being quiet people and always leisurely slow (yah, right) - is that we're dead honest folks who just want things to be set straight. So, naturally a vacationing northerner who spotted the Tee's told Polarbröd about the plagiarism and Polarbröd are now sending "sternly worded letters" to both Yest and "Sternly worded" where I come from means "we're getting our gun", or at least "we're getting our lawyers Bird & Bird". Expect a letter from the land of midnight fun T-shirt dudes.

Offensive ads of the week. One banned, one to go.

Price and Dwight Yorke sired a little tyke named Harvey, who was unfortunately born with a disorder called septo-optic dysplasia. HEAT magazine has the bad taste of giving away stickers with Harvey's face and a supposed quote from Jordan on it saying "Harvey want's to eat me". 30 complaints so far from members of the public and serious indication that Jordan will file a complaint as well reported in the Guardian. Heat has already apologized but I still smell the banhammer coming.

Meanwhile, that ill-considered Renault ad John Kelly photographed and wrote to Renault to complain about, has even though John didn't receive a reply been pulled. "Any misunderstanding of the N-word is totally unintentional. However, this specific print advertisement will be removed with immediate effect, so as not to cause any offence." said a spokesman for Renault UK. Unintentional, yah, rrrright.

Bonus: Stereo Hell has a great shot of a fake American Apparel poster in NYC which depicts an illustrated brazilian wax girl touching herself with the line "safe to say, she loves her socks". Good sendup, whomever made that.

Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator vs Funny or Die video

So we're watching the new Brawndo ad thinking "is that even real!?" (yes, it is) when Jason from the Wurstgallery (totally worth a visit dudes), starts wagging a Badlandian finger at it saying it's like a second rate version of... dum dum DUM!

Oh you'll have to go inside to see what we mean. Cliffhanger! Ha!

The current Domino trend in advertising.

Adgrunt Hlebarov though we should send the Guinness tipping point to the Badland corner for doing the domino-thing that the Honda Cog (inspired by Der Lauf Der Dinge) already did way back in 2003, and I promised an honorable mention if we could get a hold of the Claes Ohlsson campaign. Thanks to another adgrunt, deep.ed a.k. Swedish ad blogger Researcher's tracking of the trend we have not one but five six more things to put in here with it!
Without further ado, Guinness vs Claes Ohlson, vs Sony vs Tekserve vs a Fat Boy Slim video. Seems Fat Boy slim videos are the main source of badlandian inspiration for some. Oh dear, I almost forgot Miller's "Dominoes" which fits here as well.

The Guardians colourful campaign by W+K, UK, previously Olvietti ads?

Man, that recent campaign for The Guardian is just yummy looking isn't it? But have we seen it before...? Oh we might have..........

To the left a Poster by G. Pintori for the Olivetti Tetractys calculator created 1956 and to the right spring 2007 w+k campaign for the Guardian.

Via seven colors who got it via acejet170 who got it via beeker somehow and that's enough via's for this post - of course the whole thing can be found on

Clash of the Commercials II - Mother Truckers - Special Badland Edition

Two commercials go head to head in our Free-For-All AdLand Creative Death Cage.*
Who wins? Who ends up jackknifed in the ditch? You decide - that's what comments are for.

In this corner, it's a JCPenney one-day sale commercial for Saturday, November 3rd. In the other corner, it's a Steinmart one-day sale commercial for Saturday, November 10th. Ding! And there's the bell. Who wins?

* Actually, it's more like a one bedroom efficiency.

eBay vs. Sony

‘Tis the night before Christmas and all through Adland,
not a creature is stirring, not even a name brand.
My copy is hung by the chimney with care,
in hopes that a holiday badlander, soon will be there.

Back in 2000, Sony created a series of ads where good 'ol St. Nick is drugged and kidnapped. The pre-9/11 terrorists threatened that X-Mas would be canceled if people didn't shop at The ads were pulled because the client thought they would be offensive.

Cars under street lamps

Just a coincidence ... again, and again, and again.

Above; Audi /

2nd Renault

Citroen C4 Picasso

C4 Picasso

Wonderbra spoofs Cadbury's gorilla

It had to happen. The Cadbury gorilla viral has been spoofed by Wonderbra

Condoms and tyres

It is just a coincidence - isn't it ?

(more examples inside)

Matchbox ads larger than life - times two.

Matchbox 2006 - one is produced by an agency... one is possibly photoshop only by Miami ad students and wins an Andy 2006. Which one came first? Check these out..

(see inside)

Christina follows in Giselas footsteps as Suspect dresses her in lace tattoo

Suspect VFX Supervisor/Lead Flame Artist Tim Crean created the detailed VFX lace that grows across Christinas back in Select's ad for the Procter & Gamble celebrity perfume.
You might have already seen it, this spot has been airing in Sweden for the past two weeks and is planned to air worldwide. Maybe you sense a deja vu if you recall this 2005 commercial where a nude Gisela grows an entire body tattoo. Not that I'm saying they're similar or anything, but yeah, that whole hot nude chick grows tattoo effect has been done before. Not the fault of the post house mind you.
See the new Christina Aguilera Signature Fragrance commercial here.

Today's AdLand ad bannage roundup

Ryanair - misleading and unfair comparisons

Special K - misleading health claims

Hooters - too objectifying

Unforgivable - this one gets "banned" with BS-quoties around it.

Music on the construction site

Who knew that construction sites were so musical? Both Dunkin' Donuts and Sprint Nextel felt it was the right path for their products in their recent spots. Interesting brain sync - considering they are talking to the same audience.

Flags of the players

Remember flags of the world? Here's flags of the players. Times two.

Looking at this ad, doesn't it remind you of something?

Dumb ad ban of the week - Corona print ad shot down.

This week the Swedish Consumer Ombudsman decided that Corona went one step too far when advertising their piss beer in print.

Mashing up old ads with new

A recent Worth 1000 photoshop contest asked entrants to mash up old ads with new products. The results range from the predictable to the striking and clever. Some of the best one after the jump:

Phil'er Up - It's a long drive to badland.

What the heckamadoodle could these two seemingly unrelated commercials ever have in common? Well, see for yourself. Watch the first one for Cadbury Dairy Milk at their Glass and a Half Full Productions site. Then, watch the promo spot for ABC's Carpoolers here (Cadbury's Gorilla is available here in the commercial archive).

Yikes. Freaky-deaky Badland city.


The first commercial is from the last year, the second is recently released.

Greeks as Brazilians

Greek National Basketball team, the actual European champion, sponsored ny a locla bank produced a new TV commercial for the European Basketball Championship next month.

Badland special - Hair scarves get in my hair.

It's a well known hairy truth that all great images have probably been done before, but don't tear your hair out over it - we can still do original things. Still, sometimes it's fun to split hairs and go digging down to see if one can't find the root of an iconic image. See hairy stuff inside.

Above : Pantene press ads from recent winter years (2005-07), also in the campaign was a TV-commercial where the woman can wear her hair as a scarf after using Pantene.

Some badlanders are more primitive than others.

I think this is the first example I've found of a fake billboard for a real company in a real television commercial for that same real company being badly copied by another real company for their own real billboard. Sometimes Badlanders make my head hurt.

Cartoon characters have great hair - times two.

This Badlander should have been posted ages ago, I don't recall why I never got around to it, but I found this odd synchronicity in using cartoon character heroines as spokespeople for hair. Though, the message is slightly different, one says loosen up the other applauds the cartoon ladies stiff do's.

15 Unfortunately Placed Ads - carrot points at models behind

Oy, talk about ad-damaged, when adlist erupts in giggles over the 15 Unfortunately Placed Ads which our resident copywriting shutterbug Alec Long sent in I said something about having seen one of those ads before (gosh, that's so unlike me) - but I meant the funny ad-pairing itself.

Dogs & bones or Nestle vs. Reparen

Stride vs. Stride

When is a party not a party? When it takes place in Badland.

Argentina Telecom vs. Diet Pepsi Max

Yawning is contagious, especially if you work and play in Badland.