The current Domino trend in advertising.

Adgrunt Hlebarov though we should send the Guinness tipping point to the Badland corner for doing the domino-thing that the Honda Cog (inspired by Der Lauf Der Dinge) already did way back in 2003, and I promised an honorable mention if we could get a hold of the Claes Ohlsson campaign. Thanks to another adgrunt, deep.ed a.k. Swedish ad blogger Researcher's tracking of the trend we have not one but five six more things to put in here with it!
Without further ado, Guinness vs Claes Ohlson, vs Sony vs Tekserve vs a Fat Boy Slim video. Seems Fat Boy slim videos are the main source of badlandian inspiration for some. Oh dear, I almost forgot Miller's "Dominoes" which fits here as well.


The Guardians colourful campaign by W+K, UK, previously Olvietti ads?

Man, that recent campaign for The Guardian is just yummy looking isn't it? But have we seen it before...? Oh we might have..........

To the left a Poster by G. Pintori for the Olivetti Tetractys calculator created 1956 and to the right spring 2007 w+k campaign for the Guardian.

Via seven colors who got it via acejet170 who got it via beeker somehow and that's enough via's for this post - of course the whole thing can be found on


Clash of the Commercials II - Mother Truckers - Special Badland Edition

Two commercials go head to head in our Free-For-All AdLand Creative Death Cage.*
Who wins? Who ends up jackknifed in the ditch? You decide - that's what comments are for.

In this corner, it's a JCPenney one-day sale commercial for Saturday, November 3rd. In the other corner, it's a Steinmart one-day sale commercial for Saturday, November 10th. Ding! And there's the bell. Who wins?

* Actually, it's more like a one bedroom efficiency.


eBay vs. Sony

‘Tis the night before Christmas and all through Adland,
not a creature is stirring, not even a name brand.
My copy is hung by the chimney with care,
in hopes that a holiday badlander, soon will be there.

Back in 2000, Sony created a series of ads where good 'ol St. Nick is drugged and kidnapped. The pre-9/11 terrorists threatened that X-Mas would be canceled if people didn't shop at The ads were pulled because the client thought they would be offensive.


Cars under street lamps

Just a coincidence ... again, and again, and again.



Citroen C4 Picasso

C4 Picasso


Wonderbra spoofs Cadbury's gorilla

It had to happen. The Cadbury gorilla viral has been spoofed by Wonderbra

via AdFreak


Condoms and tyres

It is just a coincidence - isn't it ?

(more examples inside)


Matchbox ads larger than life - times two.

Matchbox 2006 - one is produced by an agency... one is possibly photoshop only by Miami ad students and wins an Andy 2006. Which one came first? Check these out..

(see inside)


Christina follows in Giselas footsteps as Suspect dresses her in lace tattoo

Suspect VFX Supervisor/Lead Flame Artist Tim Crean created the detailed VFX lace that grows across Christinas back in Select's ad for the Procter & Gamble celebrity perfume.
You might have already seen it, this spot has been airing in Sweden for the past two weeks and is planned to air worldwide. Maybe you sense a deja vu if you recall this 2005 commercial where a nude Gisela grows an entire body tattoo. Not that I'm saying they're similar or anything, but yeah, that whole hot nude chick grows tattoo effect has been done before. Not the fault of the post house mind you.
See the new Christina Aguilera Signature Fragrance commercial here.


Today's AdLand ad bannage roundup

Ryanair - misleading and unfair comparisons

Special K - misleading health claims

Hooters - too objectifying

Unforgivable - this one gets "banned" with BS-quoties around it.


Music on the construction site

Who knew that construction sites were so musical? Both Dunkin' Donuts and Sprint Nextel felt it was the right path for their products in their recent spots. Interesting brain sync - considering they are talking to the same audience.


Flags of the players

Remember flags of the world? Here's flags of the players. Times two. Looking at this ad, doesn't it remind you of something? (the other ad inside...)


Dumb ad ban of the week - Corona print ad shot down.

This week the Swedish Consumer Ombudsman decided that Corona went one step too far when advertising their piss beer in print. I'd seen these ads near daily in every newspaper and was about to post them just for a fun use of media, where the lime shoots through and shatters the bottle, then "leaves" the designated ad area and flies into a nearby article. Cute.
Well, it ain't legal, says the Consumer Ombusman and banned Corona for breaking § 11 a of the alcohol advertising law which plainly states that "in print ad images you may only depict 1.) The product or ingredients of the product. 2.) One or two of the product's packagings or 3.) brand or comparable known mark."

Lime is not one of the ingredients of Corona, so nyah nyah, your ad is banned. It didn't help at all that Corona defended themselves with "but... but.. everyone uses lime with Corona!" (to add the flavour this beer is lacking I presume).


Mashing up old ads with new

A recent Worth 1000 photoshop contest asked entrants to mash up old ads with new products. The results range from the predictable to the striking and clever. Some of the best one after the jump:


Phil'er Up - It's a long drive to badland.

What the heckamadoodle could these two seemingly unrelated commercials ever have in common? Well, see for yourself. Watch the first one for Cadbury Dairy Milk at their Glass and a Half Full Productions site. Then, watch the promo spot for ABC's Carpoolers here (Cadbury's Gorilla is available here in the commercial archive).

Yikes. Freaky-deaky Badland city.