wanted - an IDEA!

Have I told you once before? A layout is not an idea.

A layout can communicate an idea more or less effectivly - but never replace the idea. MmmKay?


Sperm Bank Stereotypes

You know them sperm bank jokes? So does everybody else. Commercial stills and links to QT's available in here.


Dogs and their owners look the same, and so do the ads.

Here's a good gag - ever noticed that dog look like their owners or vice versa? Well, you ain't the only one..


Pore Bore

Augh - this Liechtenstein poster look was over-used even before them pore-cleaning things were invented! Stop it! stop it!


Thrill-seekers watch TV? Or Go to Playland?

Do people who like adrenalin rushes stay home in the couch? Or ride crazy rides? Here's how to make an entire TV commercial out of a *poster* idea!


Inspired by webmovies - or just plain lazy?

On the web funny clips have been circulating for as long as we could make them.. Animations, home movies, web-cams, you name it, it's out there..
But commercials using clips found on the web? Now there's an original idea...


Wine and Mice.

...what no cheese? Ok, have you ever noticed that a computer mouse can look a wee bit like a wineglass when turned upside down? Well, so did everybody else!


Airport! And again!

Airport inspiration - European creatives seem to travel a lot.

Two sets of posters executing the same idea.


Only an inch away from the orginal...

When flogging some weight-loss product - always use the visual of a BELT. MMmmm'K? Actually - these are smarter than that - but oh-so-alike..


Evian and other Waters

The old "fish prefers mineral water" gag is enough to make me cry - has also collected a bunch in his archives - here are three examples from around the planet...


Toy Cars *R* Us!

Can you believe this one? Two identical ads-gags in "new and interesting media" (not unusual) winning - get this - the same dang award separated only by a few years!


Elephants and Mobile Phones.

Did these ads copy each other - or did the idea-god simply mess with two creative teams heads at the same time? Who knows.


Greenpeace vs Designstudents

A logo for greenpeace and a logo for a newspaper - end up looking almost exactly the same?


Milk and Mobile Phones.

Milk? and Mobile phones? What do they have in common? The packaging of course! But don't drag that all the way to the ads.....


Sometimes a cigar is just a layout.

as Paul Arden put it: A layout is never an idea. Here's proof. If you find an idea in here - you're a better adgrunt.