Burger King brings out the Whopperettes for the Super Bowl

In a :60 spot, CP+B have created an over-the-top production in the spirit of 1930s musicals, 92 "Whopperettes", featuring gals dressed as burgers, flames, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes who will sing and dance to new lyrics for the famous "Have it Your Way" jingle.

In addition, BK has teamed up with Sprint to send out the ad and extras along their wireless network to those who opt-in within 30 minutes of the ad airing on TV. There will also be a Whopperettes site.

The ad will be downloadable to iPods and within days will be shown in movie theaters. Whopperette posters also will go up in Burger King's 7,600 U.S. restaurants.

"As much as people want to write the TV network obituaries, alternative media becomes a way of extending what is still the No. 1 form of viewership in the world," says Russ Klein, Burger King's top marketer.

Production for the ad totalled about $1 million.

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