If I wasn't in advertising, I don't think what's stopping me would have been this Toshiba ad. The other day I came across it and it left me perplexed. But from the look on the model's face, it doesn't seem like I'm the only one. Perhaps you adgrunts can help shed some light on the situation. Is he standing outside a prison? (note the bars on the window) What's with the tool belt? Why does he look confused? And what the heck is going on with the random old lady?


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  • Robblink's picture

    I see a lot of symbolism in this ad.

    The guy represents the target audience - a regular hard-working Joe Six Pack. The brick wall shows the conflict the guy is having about blowing his paycheck on one TV set. His "back is to the wall". His football jersey says this TV would be good to watch sports. And the little old lady represents the "girly man" he would be if he didn't buy the TV.

    But then again, maybe the client didn't have money for a big photo shoot, so they shot it outside their office and pulled some random construction worker into the shot. The football jersey was bought at a nearby clothing store because the Hooters T-shirt he was wearing wasn't cutting it. The old lady just accidently walked into the picture.

    Feb 02, 2006
  • caffeinegoddess's picture

    I like your thoughts on the function of the old lady in the layout. :D

    Football jersey could be because the ad ran in Sports Illustrated. So, I think that helps validate your assessment of the "man represents target".

    I'm surprised they didn't put a beer in the guy's hand (although power tools and beer, not a good combo). ;)

    Feb 02, 2006
  • makethelogobigger's picture

    Not to mention the dirty jeans with the new sneakers.

    But, if he gives into temptation, looks like that box is a two-person lift. The old woman is going to have to stop and help him. Wait. She already is stopped.

    But the prison-as-metaphor-for-mankind thing works too.


    Feb 02, 2006
  • Dabitch's picture

    It's a trap! He's been running around saying "meep meep" and now he's stopped dead in his tracks by this tempting acme, sorry, Toshiba box. But see look, look, look what he's standing on! It's the cayotes trap door!

    Feb 02, 2006
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    DUCKMANDUCK (not verified)

    This ad is unexplainable.

    Nov 20, 2012