Liz Hurley In New Ad Campaign For Jordache


Liz Hurley In New Ad Campaign For Jordache

In September Elizabeth Hurley will be starring in Jordache's advertising campaign as their new spokesperson. The ad was shot by famed photographer Michael Thompson in his NY studio. If you go to Jordache's site, the are attempting to tease with a pixelated photo, although it seems the images are already out and about on the web.

Funny, I haven't heard from Jordache (ad-wise) since the early 90s. They must be keeping a quiet profile. ;)


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Since the nineties? Have a cuppa joe - you remember th forgattable Brittany Murphy doing the "babe with a horse" thing last year don't you? Or, right, it didn't even make a blipp on your radar. ;)

oh. only vaguely, now that you mention it.

yeah, wasn't that big of a deal, news-wise. Unless you're a Murphy fan. And I'm a fan of Murphy's rather. ;)

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