This shopping shows a 20 kilo handweigt (printed on both sides). They're given away to customers when purchasing fitness accessories or nutritional supplements at the Fitness Company fitness centres. See more images and credits inside.

Through an eye-deceiving style of hand weight the bag created a regional buzz. Teens actually asked for the bag at the Fitness Centre as they thought it was fun to be strolling along the city centre’s streets with it.
- Valuable source credibility mentioned an increase in brand awareness of the Fitness Companys fitness centres.

I love this work done by Publicis Frankfurt, it's eye-catching and funny.

Publicis Frankfurt Creative Direction: Gert Maehnicke Copy: Merlin Kwan Art: Mia Stirm, Annika Malz, Merlin Kwan Foto: Peter Duettmann Projektmanager: Sandra Haub Production: Uwe Steinmüller

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  • Dabitch's picture

    This whole play with bags thing is mighty popular 05/06 it seems. (Not to diss your idea, jus' sayin')

    Aug 14, 2006

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