Gap - Audrey - short (2006) 0:30 (USA)

Agency: Laird & Partners
Visual effects: Method Studios

Visual effects: Method Studios
Lead 2D VFX Artist: Andrew Eksner
2D VFX Artist: Alex Kolasinski, Jake Montgomery, Russell Fell
Junior 2D VFX Artist: Cathy Gochnour, Kyle Obley
Lyndal Heathwood, Miles Essmiller, Sarah Eim, Zach Lo
Visual Effects Executive Producer: Neysa Horsburgh
Head of Production: Sue Troyan
Visual Effects Producer: Rachel Koch
Agency: Laird & Partners
Executive Creative Director: Trey Laird
Creative Director: Carl Byrd
Agency Producer: Leigh Donaldson
Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Adam Petrofsky
Telecine Company: Dave Hussey

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Hating it so much. That was just the most horrible unironic use of Funny Face ever.

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Heh, I wasn't the only one who noticed. From ThirdWay Blog.

There is also some particular (and possibly unintended) irony in this spot. In
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When I first saw this ad, I thought it was for a classic movie channel advertising an Audrey Hepburn marathon, but then I saw the Gap logo at the end. I still yearn for the good 'ol Gap Swing, Everybody in Leather, etc.