Agency: Santo, Argentina
Production Company: Bent Image Lab
Director: Chel White
Exec. Producer/Co-director: Ray Di Carlo
Producer: Gretchen Miller
DP: Mark Eifert
Production Designer: Jim Clark
Stop Motion Animators: Jeff Riley, Jerold Howard
Visual Effects Company: Bent Image Lab
Artists: Randall Wakerlin, Tarn Fox, Orland Nutt, Steve Balzar, Brian Kinkley, Loren Judah, Carlos Stevens, Fred Ruff, Rob Shaw, Jim Clark, Galen Beals, Johnny Hamilton
Post Production/Editorial Company: Bent Image Lab
Editor: Sarah Marcus, Jon Weigand

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  • Hygge's picture

    But the idea behind it is soooo small.
    I do like the execution, but where's the pun?

    Nov 22, 2006
  • tod.brody's picture

    "They all want her in their beds?" In a soap commercial? No wonder Paypal booted you!!! :-)

    Dec 26, 2007
  • Dabitch's picture

    Yes, god forbid there's any sex at all in the world.

    Dec 09, 2012

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