Badland: Coca-Stole-a

Founding partner of Tomboy Viral, Joel Veitch, has been badlanded by coke Argentina. The video, produced for his band "seven seconds of love" featuring dancing ninja kittens has been lifted pretty much wholesale, music and all.

Read more on the story here.

  • Joel Veitch of produced a song and video called Ninja in 2005
  • Coca Cola have made an advert which looks and sounds almost exactly the same.
  • Whether this is actually a copyright infringement, I don’t know, as I am not a music lawyer.
  • But I do know that it is absolutely without permission and really scummy.

So I’ve turned this into a short video, filmed in a 5 minute work break in the office stairwell using a webcam borrowed from the bloke upstairs. (Thanks Iain.)

BTW: I’m not just some random nutter who’s picked this up. Joel is a regular member of the B3ta community, which I co-founded, and I don’t like seeing members work getting purloined for commercial purposes without their permission / cash in their pocket.

Update by Dabitch January 3rd 2007 - this has now been on Sky News.