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You can't be a major adsite without your own ad campaign, now can you? The people behind site are adgrunts like you and me, so they took this opportunity to make fun of those 'local clients' so often seen in major award books. Ten points for the animated face of the adgrunt-model.

See bigger images inside. In fact so big they break the current layout, but I just don't care right now, so there.

Where these ads will run? Your guess is a good as mine. Here and on other adfan-blog elsewhere on the web, probably. No paid media has been announced.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Budapest, Hungary
Title: Barber Shop and Restaurant
Creative Director: Dalbir Singh
Art Director: Zsolt Molnar, Pablo Compos
Copywriter: Dalbir Singh
Photographer: Zsolt Molnar

Ad type: 


Could someone explain the "innit" of the tagline? I don't get why it's not "in it". Maybe I'm just being dense - which is always likely.

I'll guess for the same reason it is "Da" and not "The".

According to the Oxford dictionary, "innit" is a (British, informal) contradiction of "isn't it".

so then that would mean they are saying "are you isn't it". nope. Still befuddled.

The Oxford definition is probably why the "innit" would make even less sense in the UK. ;)

I'm guessing "innit" is just some play on the way "in it" can sound, but why the extra "n"? I really have no idea. I'm following your breadcrumb :)

Ad Of Da Month is the only source I could find that uses "innit" in that way. In every other source I found, "innit" has the same meaning as the Oxford definition.

Aye. In my head I read it as the Oxford Dictionary explains it at first (with a Scottish accent on top!), but then I thought "ad of DA..." and figured they were going for that slang-sounding thing.

It's silly, innit?

McCann Jesus is hilarious!

Not quite an explainable pun, but it's playing off "are you in it" and "are you, innit". Imagine it with a Caribbean or "black street" accent, if I can say that without falling foul of the PC Police.

"Innit" is pretty well restricted to two speech communities: Caribbean and Cockney/Estuary.

....hmmm... so it's asking me if I am "adofdamonth"?

Stupid line, innit?

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