A parting shot from the crony Blairite lickspittle machine, this piece of shit, was from none other than Wolff Olins, normally an OK design house, but on record ON TELEVISION, (pre 1982) for producing a logo for the pencil giant, Staedtler of Germany- of not being reduceable. Fine when it was 12 metres high and on a building, but utterly unreadable and too small when it was actually on a PENCIL! duhhh!
Now this dog's dinner was actualy awarded without a PITCH!
It cost £400,000. That's $800,000 in today's money, and it sucks!
The word London is an afterthought, and is in a reluctant lower case.
It looks like a swastika cut up for origami, combined with SS thunderflashes- already the flashing video has had to be withdrawn because the flashing caused 18 people to go into epileptic shock.True!

It has nothing to do with sport, London, Olympics, and the bidding process is so suspect it must have been carried out by BAE systems bidding for a Saudi arms contract. ( See today's press for the rest of this unsavoury story).
When you think about the talented people in the UK who could have knocked this on the head in a lunchtime, but were not asked, then the cretins who approved it, it is only right that normal people's blood begins to boil. There is a growing call to scrap this crap and move on.
Especially more when you look at the rich hertage of Olympic logos- Barcelona, Sydney, Montreal, all elegant, lasting and iconic.

Oy vey! It makes me ashamed to be here in this country.

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