Grendene Ipanema - Gisela Tattoed - (2005) 1:15 (Brazil)


Grendene Ipanema - Gisela Tattoed - (2005) 1:15 (Brazil)

A nude Gisela Bündchen gets some special effect tattooes. Conspira Digital handled the special effects while Fabio Soares directed it.

Ad agency: W/Brasil
client: Grendene
creative: Rui Branquinho, Celso Alfieri
production co.: Conspiraįão Filmes
director: Fabio Soares
sfx.: Conspira Digital
music: Celso Fonseca

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Much more compelling with the sound off!

Are these those shoes I hear fashionistas are fawning all over? They look like glorified flip-flops.

I agree about the music. The special effects are great, but the song is not quite up to snuff.

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