Schick - Mustache Henry Winkler / The Fonz - (1973) 0:30 (USA)


Schick - Mustache Henry Winkler / The Fonz - (1973) 0:30 (USA)

Look, it's Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli with a mustache! His mother is played by Frances Sternhagen.


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I can't believe that's the Fonz. I think the woman in this spot was in a couple of movies. The Fonz before Happy Days. Do you think The Fonz or the people in the commercial, the grips, camera people etc. would think that The Fonz would be one of the greatest TV icons of all time?

I don't think the grips thought about that for even a second. :-)

It's a good point that Fonzie is in it though, I'll edit the title. Fonzie fans might appreciate finding this. I'm still hunting for John Travolta singing "I'm stuck on band-aid, 'cause band-aid is stuck on me"

Go to Bob Giraldi's website, and in his retrospective reel, you'll find a clip of Travolta singing "I'm stuck on Band-Aid, 'cause Band-Aid is stuck on me." You should ask Bob if you can run that reel here. It's really amazing to see all the works he's done through the years. Truly one of the great directors ever, and one who came out of an Agency.

I know you have one of his Dentyne spots in the archives here, and probably others without his name attached to them. I'm sure that most non-ad people probably know him as the director of Beat It.

Awesome, thanks I'll ask him. I've been in touch with quite a few people about the band-aid one, silly me should have gone straight to the director.

Bob's a great guy. And he owns some great NY restaurants as well. When I was producing I always wanted to work with him, but alas, I never had the opportunity. I'm sure he'd get you the full spot in a better format than what's there in his retrospective reel.

Pre-Fonz Henry Winkler. With a mustache! Glad he shaved.

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