Wonderbra ad special for Pancake day


Wonderbra ad special for Pancake day


Yesterday was Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, and International Pancake Day for a lot of people, even though only 27% of households in Britain planned to make pancakes, and International House of Pancakes in the US decided to move pancake day to feb 12 instead since super Tuesday was overshadowing their pancake fest. Over in Sweden our pre-Lent party is celebrated with a calorie-laden dessert bun called a Semla instead. Still, pancakes are flat and wonder bra changes flat things to be not flat right? Yes, you know where this ad is going - see it inside.

Here's Wonderbra's tactical campaign that ran on DeliaOnline's front page and in every pancake recipe on the site yesterday. They were created by Publicis London.

In short, when life gives you lemons, use Wonderbra. I guess.


We have pancakes, you have nice buns. I get the picture.


Oh... I didn't realise. Shame on me. Anyway, it's not a bad ad, even if the benefits are exaggerated - no Wonderbra can make labrador's ears into something they ain't.

I just think that it's using an insane amount of white space for a banner. And you totally knew you we're being cheeky, you tease!

I would really have expected melons, not citrus fruit. Because usually these things are so predictable.

You squeeze melon on your pancakes? That's rad.

I certainly don't squeeze citrus fruit on my pancakes. I'm a proud Vermont maple syrup American!!!


Maple syrup is suuuuweeet, and I'll indulge if I do American thick pancakes. I prefer my pancakes non sweet, like with cheese and bacon, and eggs, or a mean mushroom filling. :P

I like them sweet even iif they're the paper thin Scandinavian ones. But I still wouldn't use citrus. I'd go for strawberry or raspberry. Or chocolate and banana. :-)

Well last night I had mouth-puckeringly lemony pancakes and they were delicious.

Vive L'Difference! :-)

I had lingonberry pancakes. Whohoo! Moral: This wonderbra ad sells pancakes, not bras. Ha!

I love Lingon. Love it. Not a big thing over here in Denmark, but just cross the Öresund and Lingon is everywhere. As a matter of fact, it's easier to get lingonberries in NYC than CPH.

This thread almost devolved into a recipie-swap.

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