Twin Lotus herbal toothpaste - Salt piles - (2008) :45 (Thailand)

Best line ever: I can't dance!

Agency:BBDO Bangkok Suthisak Sucharittanonta : Creative Director/ art director Subun Khow : Creative Director/ writer ariyawat juntaratip : Creative Group Head/ Art Director Chanatthapol Tiensri : Creative Group Head/ Copywriter supparat thepparat : Art Director kongpope siriwattanagarn : Copywriter Naree-Sara Ajchariyakul : Producer Director : Suthon Petchsuwan Prod. Co. : Mum Films
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That may be the most interesting toothpaste ad I've seen yet!

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Nothing less than freaky.

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Thai TV ads have their own universe of weird that I so love.

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It's the music that kills me. Did they use a casio watch to play that?

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That's bizarre.

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Creatively designed these promotional project of twin lotus herbal toothpaste.Completely an entertaining advertisement strategy applied to make this concept clear and effective.

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Hi spammer, I'm glad you at least found one of the more bizarre ads to comment on.