Ad agency sues client for 1.5 million after lost pitch

Resumé reports that ad agency Badlord have filed a 1.5 millions SEK suit against Lindex for nicking their idea. Badlord went straight to Lindex and marketing director Johan Hallin with their idea, Mr Hallin suggested that agency Badlord bring the idea to Lindex' ad agency WeAreGroup. Later Badlord were told that the idea "wasn't enough fashion".

Now that this campaign above is in magazines, Badlord feel ripped off. Both Enzo Bussoli CEO of WeAreGroup and Johan Hallin of Lindex signed the standard Swedish advertisers contract, stating they won't use the presented idea or "similar ideas" in their advertising unless they hire Badlord.

Johan Hallin defends his company in Dagens Industri: "We haven't stolen any ideas, the idea we are using is totally different."

Pierre Boutros from Badlord reckons that "if the standard contracts aren't worth the paper they're written on the whole industry might as well call it quits" and is ready to take this case all the way to Swedish higher court if need be.

Heh, did you see that wee girl on Lindex homepage? Add a huge mop of purple hair and she's one of those troll figures. Remember them? Kyoot!

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