Sharp knives cut perfectly - so it is "the perfect cut". Ambient posters, China.

OMG stunning!

To advertise their sharp knives, the brand name which I can not read (is it "long term"?) and ad agency "invisible", guangzhou cut really intricate motifs in thick paper posters and hung them in appropriate places.

A door God, a few lucky fish and a gorgeous looking vase inside.
Who said Chinese advertising was naive? This is fantastic! I want some!

Ad agency: invisible
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This is really stunning work. I want some too.

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Tres magnific!

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These are really beautiful. Impressive work.

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looks good, but, fake client and fake execution.
forthemore, this kind of papercutting is very common in the market. some factory produce thousands for retail during the Chinese New Year.

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Damn, fake client? Obviously I don't know much about Chinese brands, so I don't know. That would suck.

FYI everyone, submitting spec work here is OK, just TELL US that it's SPEC. Please.

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Oh fuck, I was all ready to love this but I can not stand scam ads.

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Scam ad? What a shame.

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I think it's really bad as I come from China.
It's even not an idea at all, the traditional paper-cutting stuff is quite common in my country, in the past those craftsmen usually do paper-cutting with scissors, but nowadays, I suppose it's normally not hand-made.
So what amazed people is just the paper-cutting itself, not the idea, it's so naive to just put a logo on it.

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This sucks.