Photolibrary - Baby for sale classifieds. India


Photolibrary - Baby for sale classifieds. India

Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai went to the classified ads section to allow a teeny-weensy bit of creativity on their tiny budget. But honestly, since Photolibrary wanted to generate awareness amongst media professionals, they should have gotten a proper budget as one wonders how many media professionals scour the classified ads for stock photography.

Photolibrary, Photographer
Piyush Pandey, Executive Creative Director
Anup Chitnis, Creative Director
Umesh Rawool, Sameer Kochure and Abhijit Karandikar, Art Directors
Sameer Kochure & Umesh Rawool, Copywriters

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Too clever by half, the problem being that they can't reach their target this way like you point out.

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