New Balance - Love / Hate Anthem - (2008) :60 (USA)


New Balance - Love / Hate Anthem - (2008) :60 (USA)

Agency:BBDO New York

The advertising breaks nationally on March 27 and in international markets during the next 90 days and shows how New Balance is dedicated to reducing the hate and growing the love of running through innovations in footwear, apparel and equipment.

David Lubars (Chief Creative Officer)
Bill Bruce (Chief Creative Officer)
Mike Smith (Senior Creative Director)
Greg Hahn (Executive Creative Director)
Brandon Mugar (Associate CD / Art Director)
Greg Hahn (Copywriter)
Mike Smith (Copywriter)
Diane Hill (Executive Producer)
Lisa Marguiles (Executive Producer)
Sarah Janowitz (Assistant Producer)

Director: Frederik Bond
Prod. Co. :MJZ
Director of Integrated Production: Brian DiLorenzo
Director of Photography: Jess Hall
Editing House: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Adam Pertofsky (Anthem)
Music House: Squeak e. Clean
Exec. Producer: Zach Sinick
Composers: Sam Spiegal, Brent Nichols, Rusty Logsdon
FX: The Mill
Exec. Producer: Gabrielle Gourrier
Sound Designer: Kim Christensen
SFX: Noises/Digital/ Kim Christensen
MIX: Eleven Sound/ Jeff Fuller



I love the strangely animated/set city. :)

I like the city too.

This reminded me of a short-lived TV series (NBC - I can't remember its name right now), where a young couple had moved into a gated, high-end community, mostly due to fear in the city. (He was an author, and she was some sort of executive).

He would run with the only black guy in the community (who was a sports professional), and he would always run faster than the pro, and wouldn't let him catch-up to him. In one of his voice-overs, the author guy said, "How can I explain that I run faster and faster when I'm ahead of him, because I keep thinking I'm getting chased by black man, who wants to rob/beat me?"

Yeah, now you know why it was short-lived.... :-)

That city-scape is great!

Does this commercial look familiar to any of you? Anyone see "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson?? This commercial is a rip-off of the one Mel Gibson's character designed for Nike Women's division. I am let down by New Balance.

Looks nothing like it.

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