Target - Maternity Bra - outdoor.


Target - Maternity Bra - outdoor.

Here's one for all those who fancy giant women, I guess. The Campaign Palace Melbourne has really put the engineered in maternity bras for Target.

Yeah, so it's not enough to feel like a whale when lactating, now we need cranes to keep us supported, thanks for that image guys. No, really, thank you. Sheesh. Also, that bra isn't giving any support at all - it doesn't touch her ribcage between the breasts, a.k.a "uniboob". Look up "lift and separate" and get a woman on the account, please. (Unless Pat is a lady)
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I would imagine Cassie is a lady.

Yeah but we all know that the creatives run over the account director. ;) I keed. (kind of) Also, I am the target market.


Oh, no no. I'm keeping this waist for as long as I can now. Just I remember those boob-tents quite well since I nursed for a long time.

Uhm.. he he... Over at Adfreak who just posted this I spotted comments to the effect of: "the model doesn't even look pregnant"... Taking the "maternity" in the bra name too literally there, guys. Again, some women on the account please - it's like the blind leading the blind here. ;)

The retoucher could have done something about the colors while he was at it. The left crane is in direct harsh sunlight and the model is not. Looks so fake.