Cancer Council - Get your moles checked - newspaper ads

I'm a sucker for any ad that uses the media it runs in to really drive their point home, aren't you? I'm especially keen on newspaper ads that do this, I've tried using those little holes at the bottom of the page in some ad ideas but I'm afraid I had boring clients. This is anything but boring though. Another good execution inside.


From the Campaign Palace in Melbourne for the Cancer Council of Victoria.
Tony Leishman Creative Director Pat Lennox Art Director Ben Green Copywriter Jen Chin Account Director
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I got my mole taken care of! (It was changing size and colour.)

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I went to have mine checked (suddenly raised, went from light brown to no color at all). Doctors said "Naaah, nothing to worry about": Yeah uhm, ok, fine. Except it looks like a permanent pimple.

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Oh, have it whipped off anyway. If it's changing colour and growing, better safe than sorry. Tell them it's itchy, too (mine was). But moles are supposed to go darker, not lighter. Maybe yours hasn't read the right books.

That photo was taken the day after the op, two years ago. You can hardly see the scar now, even if you know where to look.

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I had one taken off my back, years ago. I think they dug it out with a spoon. Impressive scar though.

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I had one taken out of my back about a year ago - about an inch long and a half inch thick (and still growing). I couldn't even feel it**, someone else noticed it. The doctor had a lot of fun digging it out. (He loves the gory stuff!)

While I was there, the doc froze off a small one on my neck. It was always getting chaffed by my shirt collar (usually not fastened).

** It was in that location where my hands couldn't quite reach from over my shoulders or from the side. Also, it didn't hurt or itch or anything.

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It is really important to have your moles checked.