The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, outdoor billboards with skirt


The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, outdoor billboards with skirt

More from New Zealand. DRAFTFCB in Auckland has also done outdoor posters for the Secret Diary of a Call Girl to go with their print campaign

and when the wind comes... (outside wind! Not hers! Hehe.)

And yes I know that the whole flying skirt on a billboard thing has been done before so this should be in Badland as well, I just can't find the other poster right now and need to put up more new work before our submission inbox explodes, ( it was for some stocking brand as I recall), if you have said ad post it in the comments. :)

Craig Owen (Photographer)
James Mok (Creative Director)
Dave Brady (Art Director)
Hayley Marks (Copywriter)

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Been done before in 2005 as you can see here.

Arse. Move it to Badland? :)

See, I knew you guys would be telling me to get it there. I don't mind if anyone else posts in Badland, I don't have enough sarcasm in me these days. :)

Clemenger BBDO Wellington, New Zealand did the billboard for some woman's pantihose brand with the skirt that blows up in the wind.... about 3 years ago.
Believe me, it's really relevant in Wellington as it is a very windy city :)

Dodgy looking skirt, though, isn't it? You'd think she could afford better.

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