Wilkinson - Check Shave - (1984) 0:30 (UK)


Wilkinson - Check Shave - (1984) 0:30 (UK)

This is the most 80s of shaves with a red razor in a black and white bathroom set to the best soundtrack. The music even says "ullo John got a new razor?" and we're once again nodding to 'Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?. There's a bit of Max Headroom in the edit as well, and it's possible that art of noise decided to make a career out of all of this after seeing some razor ads.

Client: Wilkinson

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Art Directors trying to do the eighties look take note: this is it.

What a bathroom! At first, the checkerboard squares are black and white, then after the shave is complete, they turn red and white - but they're still black & white in the mirror. BUT WAIT! There's another mirror AND sink. And the squares are green and white in that mirror.

No toilet or tub to be seen. The room shown is almost as big as my bedroom.

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