Bob Ross - Desert Village Sunset Scene - (2008) 2:50 (The Netherlands)


Bob Ross - Desert Village Sunset Scene - (2008) 2:50 (The Netherlands)

Am I the only that recalls a 1970's SNL spoof of Bob Ross, where he's some sort of wigged out Vietnam vet who paints stuff in "agent orange" and "napalm yellow"? Yes, I watched way too much late-night TV when I was under five how do you think I got this weird?

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Of course I remember the SNL spoof of Bob Ross. The voice, the attitude was perfect.

I even remember seeing many, many of Bob Ross's shows ("The Joy of Painting"), as his hair shrunk , and was sorry to hear when he died (1995).

Since I can't currently hear this video, I don't know how close he is to the original. He does have several of the mannerisms down.

I've seen the SNL spoof of Bob Ross. Bob Ross is funny without the spoof.

I don't know who Bob Ross is. Clearly, I've been missing out.

"The Joy of Painting" is shown on some satellite TV channel here. The on-screen listings always truncate it to "The Joy of Pain".

I've been looking for the SNL skit for years now...does anyone know who played Bob Ross in that Skit?

I always thought it was Richard Jeni, but I'm not positive about that.

Wasn't it Will Ferrell?

Hahaha, Richard Jeni .. I don't know. I recall this as being on SNL when I was a kid, which puts it in the John Belushi / Chase/ Gilda Radner era. Richard Jeni's "cooking with the Bill the belching gourmet" is quite funny though.

For the same reason I don't think it's Will Ferrell.

I do know that a Seattle comedy groupd has one a *new* version now, but that was not the one I meant when I wrote the bit to this post.

I'm glad Allan1 recalls the spoof too, and since he's a teensy bit older than me, I believe, we're positive this was in the 1970/80s era.

Richard Jeni - I remember him saying that his painting looked like a happy little jungle- then he says "You know, I was in the jungle once..." He continues to paint. So he paints a happy little villager "Asian yellow" then gets excited as de decides to splash on some Napalm Brown. Soon he's yelling "Die ! Die!" I'd live to find this clip.

Yes I remember the colours. But I don't recall this skit being done by Richard Jeni - if we could only find the skit!

I don't think this was a skit, I think it was a stand-up. Bill Hicks maybe??

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